The importance of size and fit

With the current range of sizes we produce, Focals can fit mostbut not allpeople. The only way to see if Focals will be a fit for you is to go through the sizing process at a North Showroom. Because Focals show you the display by shining a small light in your eye at exactly the right position, wearing the right size and having the right fit is absolutely crucial to seeing the display.

Here's how we match you with your correct size and fit:

Sizing appointments

During your sizing appointment, you’ll be brought to one of our Sizing Booths. Inside the Sizing Booth, you'll have key measurements taken (for example: your head breadth and pupillary distances) that enable us to quickly match you with the right size of Focals. Next, a fit specialist will have you try on size recommendations that will not only allow you to see the display, but will also complement your features for a fit that’s just right.

A note on fit 

There are hundreds of size combinations available for Focals, but it’s possible that we won’t have a size that will let you see the display the way it was designed.

If we don’t have a size for you right now, we will store your measurements (see our Privacy Policy). We're working hard to make sure Focals can fit everyone, and your sizing data is important in helping us determine what sizes we support next. We’ll let you know once we have a size that will work for you.


Adjustments are how you fine-tune Focals so that you have a comfortable and functional fit.Fitting appointments are incredibly important in making sure you can see the display and use Focals comfortably. The position of the display is so exact, that even a difference of a few millimeters can affect your ability to see it.

If you purchased Focals after August 1, 2019, you can complete adjustments yourself at home.

If you'd prefer to have adjustments done at a North Showroom, you can book a fitting appointment online. A fit specialist will expertly adjust the temple ends and nose pads on Focals to ensure you can see the display and use Focals comfortably. They'll also make sure to minimize any pinching, sliding, or pressure points.

We’ll also make sure your glasses are paired with your phone so you can view things like messages, calendar events, and turn by turn directions as you go about your day.

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