I’m not hearing ‘click’ sounds when using Loop

Each time you press your Loop, you should hear a faint click from Focals If you don’t hear this sound, check these possibilities:

  1. Is Sound on Click enabled or disabled? In the Focals app, tap the Menu icon > Settings. Make sure Sound on Click is enabled just like in the screen sample below.

    The Settings screen within the Focals app shows the 'Sound on click' option enabled
  2. Is the volume on your glasses muted? Click your Loop to see the Now view and then move up to view your settings.

    If you see an icon that looks like this Volume off, your volume is muted and you won’t hear any sound from your glasses. Click to turn mute off. To increase the volume level, click again. The volume icon should now look like this medium Volume
  3. Check the connection status of your Loop in the Focals app.

    If the status is Disconnected, charge your Loop for a few minutes. Remove your Loop from the charging case and then re-check the battery status in the Focals app. If the status is Connected, click your Loop and you should now hear the click sound.

Submit a report through the Focals app if you are still having trouble connecting.

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