Reply to Slack direct messages

Keep track of your direct messages and group direct messages in Slack while you’re away from your desk with Focals.

Sign in to a Slack workspace

Before you can see or reply to Slack messages on Focals, you’ll need to use the Slack Ability in the Focals app and sign in to a Slack workspace:

  1. In the Focals app, select menuIcon.png > Abilities.
  2. Tap the Slack slider and sign in to the workspace you want to use.

The Abilities tab selected in the Focals app menu.

Reply to direct messages

When you receive a direct message or group direct message on Focals, you can use any of the usual Smart Reply options to respond on-the-go. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Slack message notification on Focals or navigate to the Notifications view and click a direct message to open the action menu.


    All of your unread notifications and messages appear in your Notifications view.

    A Slack message on Focals from Sarah reads 'What do you think about this option?'
  2. Select a reply option:

    Smart Reply Voice to text
    Smart Replies are quick, contextual responses that apply to the conversation you’re responding to. To see Smart Replies, select and click the Smart reply icon 

    Use Loop to scroll through the replies (including emojis!) and
    click to send your reply.

    The Smart Reply 'I like it' selected.

Manage direct messages

For those times you don’t want to respond right away, you can also mark direct messages as read, snooze, or clear them from your Notifications view.

  1. Click a direct message to open the action menu.
  • Select  the Triage icon to either mark a message as read or set a Slackbot reminder to come back to it later.
  • Click  the Checkmark  to clear a message from your Notifications view.

The Mark as read option selected for a Slack message.

Can't set up the Slack Ability? Contact us at for troubleshooting.


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